Project Management is the beating heart of our company. It is how we started out, and it is what we are still best known for. Often starting with no more than an idea, we work alongside our clients to make it happen.

Every job is different and will require a unique approach, depending upon at what stage of the project we become involved, who the client is and how they operate, the specific property sector we are operating in, and the nature of the works.

Some projects may be split into build ‘packages‘ and executed on a construction management basis, others will be structured more traditionally on a design, tender and single contract basis, whilst some may require a ‘design and build‘ approach. Working with our associate professionals, we apply the right mix of skills to meet the client‘s requirements and deliver the project every time.

To achieve this, typically we would expect to be involved in some or all of the following:

  • Develop the concept and client’s brief
  • Build the project team
  • Create the initial design
  • Define project scope, budget and timescale
  • Obtain appropriate planning and statutory permissions
  • Develop the specification, including Building regulations approval if required
  • Manage tenders, contractors and liaison with statutory bodies
  • Award and administer the contract or contracts
  • Control the construction phase
  • Monitor progress, quality, costs, health and safety
  • Administer valuations and cash flows
  • Deliver the completed project
  • Follow-up on contractual matters, retention releases and defects liability periods

In addition we often also provide advice and support on:

  • Assistance with funding and grant applications
  • Provide a Monitoring Surveyor service for banks and lenders
  • Provision of on-going maintenance and management services (see our Facilities Management page).