Project Management

Project Management is the beating heart of our company. It is how we started out, and it is what we are still best known for. Often starting with no more than an idea, we work alongside our clients to make it happen.

Facilities Management

Formed originally in response to our existing commercial clients’ need for ongoing property management of a newly built or refurbished premises, our client base now includes office buildings, cold storage and distribution centres, warehousing and selected residential estates or private houses.


For any property acquisition, disposal or development, information is everything. Knowing what you have, what condition it is in, and being able to plan costs and timescales is key to success.

Professional Services

Apart from Project Management and Property Survey, we are often required to provide additional broader property advice and services, both through our regular client relationships and via stand-alone enquiries.

Our team brings together the experience needed to meet the requirements of both new build and refurbishment of major commercial, residential and agricultural developments.

With a proactive management approach, we offer a broad base of professional expertise to meet our clients’ requirements and to help make the best possible use of their property assets..

Our hands-on and personal approach ensures close contact between clients and the team to ensure a high quality, cost effective and tailored service..